Yamaha FZ-8 S 2011

This is my very first motorcycle. I got this motorcycle in June 2019 and at ended up as the third owner of the motorcycle.

Table of content

  • Remove fuel tank
  • Replacing starter motor


Date Type of work Comment
??.??.2022 40.000 service Done by Yamaha Bergen.
05.07.2022 Front Fork Repair and Changing fork oil Right front fork had a oil leak, so replaced the seals and changed the fork oil
05.08.2021 Replaced starter motor Changed because of faulty starter motor.
??.??.2020 Replaced chain and sprockets Replaced chain, front sprocket and rear sprocket.
??.??.2020 30.000 service Done by Yamaha Bergen.
??.??.2020 20.000 service Done by Yamaha Bergen.
??.??.2020 Replaced front rim Done by Yamaha Bergen. Damaged front rim.
10.04.2020 Replaced battery Replaced dead battery.

Tools needed

List of all the tools that I have needed for maintaing my Yamaha FZ-8 S 2011 model motorcycle.

General tools

Parts specification

Parts Tool Comment
... ?? mm pipe ...
... ?? mm pipe ...

List of purchases

Year Month Item Purchase location Comment
2022 June Front Fork repair kit and fork oil Yamaha Bergen
2021 April Starter motor Boonstra Parts
2021 April Michelin Road 5 Dekkstra Bergen Front and rear tires.
2021 May Rear axel nut and bolt Yamaha Bergen Unscrewd and lost while driving.
2020 December Garmin Zumo XT Elkjøp GPS
2020 ?? .. XLMoto Chain
2020 ?? .. XLMoto Front sprocket
2020 ?? .. XLMoto Rear sprocket
2020 April Battery Bergen Batteriservice Plan was to have a battery with + and - on the same side as the one that is defect. Got wrong (again), so no just a spare battery.
2020 April Battery Yamaha Bergen
2020 April Yamaha Side Bags Yamaha Bergen
2019 November Front rims Yamaha Bergen