Test connection between machines on Windows

Testing the connectivity between machines are useful to see if the firewall is open for whatever traffic that is needed. Specifically in enterprise networks and services that is communicating with a service in another enterprise network. In cases like that, there might be necessary to open up the firewall for the service in both ends.


Telnet is my goto tool whenever I need to check if there is connectivity from one machine to another machine on a specific port.

C:\> telnet google.com 443

The command is simple and the test goes fast. In the example above, I am testing if there is possible to connect to google.com on port 443. google.comcan be changed to whatever domain or machinename that need to be checked.


Sometimes I do not have the telnet client available and enabling this feature in Windows Server is easy, but it requires a restart of the server when done. There is a Powershell command that can be used and works great. The command is quite powerful and can be used to a lot more.

PS C:\> Test-NetConnection -ComputerName "google.com" -Port 443

Teis Lindemark

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