Now I have a 3D-printer but what should I print? Where can I find 3D-models?

I have been searching around the web to find inspirations for what I can print on my new 3D-printer. I want to make my own 3D-models as well, but now I just want to get into the 3D-model space and get used to it with some models that someone else have made. I found quite many websites where I can find models I can print, so here is my brief overview of the ones I like best.

What I really like with this site is that they have very nice collection. Two collections that got my attention first was Best useful 3D objects to make with a 3D printer and Best STL files 3D printing for Star Wars. The website has a nice layout and easy to navigate. It also has a lot of cool and pretty 3D-models. I defiantly will use this website a lot when I am looking for things to print.

I have not used this site that much, but it is a nice site with 3D-models and good instructions how to use them.

This site is my main go to website to find 3D-models when I need to 3D-print an object. There are a lot of models available for free and it is possible to find almost anything. The one thing that I find sometimes is that the site can be quite slow.

Teis Lindemark

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