Getting started using my new 3D-printer Creality Ender-3 Pro and doing the first test print

I have for a long time wanted to buy a 3D-printer, but this is my first and from what I read online, it should be a good chooice. I look at the 3D-printer as a fun toy to play around with, but I also have some things I want to print that is useful as well. For instance a friend have lost some mounting brackets for his Unify Access Point, so I thought that would be a perfect oportunity to test print that one.

The more I search around to see what other people are doing with their 3D-printers, I get more and more ideas for what I want to do as well. Printing accessories to the printer itself, setting up Octoprint, and so much more.

Putting it all together

There is not that many parts that needs to be assemled with the Creality Ender-3 Pro, but there are some parts. When opening the box, the first thing to see is the instructions for how to assemle the printer. I also did a search on Youtube and found a video that went through the process. I ended up using that video since there was some tips and tricks here and there that they did not have in the manuel. The total time assemling was about one hour.

Leveling the bed

There is a great video on Youtube where one guy walk through how to level the bed on the same 3D-printer that I have. The first thing I did was go into the prepare menu and selected go to initial positition. Then the 3D-printer goes down to the left front corner. Then I turned the stepper motor off so I could move the bed back and forth by hand. Then I used a piece of paper to slide under in each corner. For each corner I adjusted the hight so the paper could barely pass below the bed and the hot end. When I felt good about the leveling, I continued with the finetuning the bed level as seen below.

Finetune the bed level

After I did level the bed in each corner using a piece of paper, I downloaded this simple print to fine tune the bed level. For each rectangle that was printed, I touched it to see that it stayed in place otherwise I leveled the bed a little bit. The process I used was from the Youtube video linked above. When this was done, I felt ready to go on with my first actual print.

First print; Unify AP mounting bracket

After I quick search online, I see that people have done this before me, so the model is made available online.

My first print was a ceiling mount for the Unify AP-AC Lite. Since this model is quite flat with no overhang and difficult shapes, I think it was a perfect first print. The reason I printed this was that a friend had lost his mounting bracket. The print ended up fine and mounting it to the ceiling went really well.

My first thought after just playing a little bit with the printer

After playing around with the 3D-printer for the weekend, I did the first print mentioned above, but I also printer some gitar picks and a baby Yoda figure. They all turned out pretty nice, but I learned some things as well. The first thing I learned how important it is to level the bed correctly.

Good to know

I had one print that suddenly did not stick to the bed at all. I had done a small print before that one so I knew that the filament was okey. After I did some searching, there was suggestions like

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