Gotcha when reimporting Maven dependencies from IntelliJ with missing permissions to remote maven feed

It looks like IntelliJ Maven support while reimporting dependencies do not care for any authentication errors at all. If it tries to fetch a dependency that it could not find, it looks like it just create a near empt directory in $HOME/.m2/repositories.

Today I made a change to a library that I pushed to the Azure DevOps repository and the build pipeline kicked off. A new snapshop dependency was created and pushed to the maven artifact feed in Azure DevOps. I then went back to the project where I wanted to use my newly made changes and off course I needed to reimport the snapshot dependency to get the newly created version. Since I am using IntellJ, I just right-clicked at the pom.xml file and in the Maven context menu, there is an option to reimport. Normally this is working fine. After I did this, there was no change at all for me. To check this out, I went to $HOME/.m2/repositoryand browsed the dependency there. Still the old version. Then I deleted the folder so I could make a reimport again and now I had all sorts of errors and missing objects all from that dependency. The folder for the dependency was present in the maven cache on disk.

Do what should I do now? The reimport functionality normally works fine, but I then thought that I should try to run maven from the command line instead by the following command: mvn clean install -U. This time, I could see that it tried to find the dependency missing from the maven feed in Azure DevOps, but just got 401 UnAuthorized. Now I did not understand anything, IntelliJ did not say anything about a 401 error message and the dependency was present. I then looked into the dependency folder and there I could see a near empty folder. No jar files at all.

Since I now probably do not have access to the Maven repository, I could go into Azure DevOps and check my personal access token and there I could see, that token did no longer have readaccess at the packaging part. After I checked out that it should have access to packaging with read access, I was able to run the maven command from command line and from IntalliJ itself.

Teis Lindemark

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