Getting started using Octoprint with my 3D-printer

I just got a 3D-printer and recently been setting it up and done a test print. What I want to do is useing OctoPrint so I can have a nice web interface for my 3D-printer. I had all the components needed around, so finally a good use case for one of the Raspberry Pi's. I will also connect the Rasberry Pi to my wired network and not connecing using the wireless network.

What do I need?

  • 3D-printer
  • Raspberry PI
  • SD-card or Micro SD-card for the RaspberryPI
  • Optional: Web camera

Prepering the Raspberry Pi

First of all, I had a first generation Raspberry Pi that I did not use, so I thought I might could use that one. Octoprint "worded", but it was really slow and it did not found the 3D-printer. Then I found a Raspberry Pi 2 that actually was not used anymore, that was faster, but still I could not get it to find the 3D-printer. I guess that I could found the serial port the manual way, but I was lazy and bought a new Raspberry Pi 4. That worked perfectly out of the box.

I am using my Macbook setting up the Raspberry Pi, so the process of flushing the image to the Raspberry Pi will be different (or use different tool) if using another operating system. I downloaded the Octoprint image and used the Etcher program to flash the micro-sd card.

I followed the instructions, except that I did not setup the wireless network file that they say in the instructions at Octoprint. I am using a network cable instead so I did not use the wireless capability in the Raspberry Pi 4.

Setting up Octoprint

The first thing I did was login into the Raspberry Pi using ssh to change the default password.

$ ssh pi@octo.local

The first time I had to accept the thumbprint of the Raspberry Pi and then I could login with default password raspberry. To then change the password it is done with the command sudo passwd. First type the old password and then choose a new password.

The next thing now is to open up http://octo.local in a browser and then there will be an easy install wizard.

The Ender 3 Pro printer settings that I specified for the profile in Octoprint are these:

Setting Value
Form factor Rectangular
Origin Lower Left
Heated Bed Yes (checked)
Width 220mm
Depth 220mm
Height 250mm
Axes Default**
Custom Bounding Box No (unchecked)
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Number of Extruders 1

Time for the first print using Octoprint

The first print I did with the Octoprint was to a case to the Raspberry Pi camera module and then a case to the Raspberry Pi itself. Both cases is made for the 3D-printer I have, Ender 3 Pro. The inspiration I used and the models did I found at this page.

What is next?

  • Integrate the raspberry pi more with the printer
  • Power the pi from the printer itself. Not too sure if I want to do that, but maybe I will do it later.
  • Check out Octoprint Anywhere

Teis Lindemark

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