Career change...

The end of 2019, I decided to say yes to a new job offer. That means that I also needed to quit my job. The change is taking place from March.

Why did I decide to change job now?

I have been working 4,5 years at my previous employer, started as a developer and the last year as tech lead. These years have been good and I have learned a lot and been able to get my opinions on the table sometimes as well. This might sounds like I am having everything I need, so why did I decide to change my career? I am a developer by heart, I love to write code and engage in technical discussions. The last year I almost did not write any code at all, instead I was doing data migrations to convert new customers into our software. Every day I did that, I felt that I missed out on the product I one time was a part of developing. Therefore, I decided see if there was any options out there.

As I said, I am a developer by heart and am always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and think that it is important to share knowledge. In my spare time I am attending numerous meetups, reading blog posts and so on. When I started in the company I am leaving, there was time when developers got together and shared knowledge, across the whole organization or across the department. The last couple of years, the time and deadlines was harder to reach and the time to share knowledge was planned, but then when it was close cancelled. As a true believer that sharing knowledge, that was a bit disappointing.

What do I look after for in an employer?

I ended up talking to quite many possible employers and my picture of what I was looking for and expecting from an employer and a new workplace shaped. Number one priority for me at work is the culture. That there is time and space to share knowledge and learn from each other. That also means that there need to be some arenas where co-workers meet and share knowledge. Interesting tasks at work is of course also important.

When the first company contacted me, I started thinking through my list of priorities to see how I felt about current job and if I should meet the company that contacted me to see what they could offer. When I started looking back, I could not really say that I had been happy at work and what I did at work for almost a year. The arena for knowledge sharing was often planned, but I could still not remember the last one since they often was cancelled last minute and only doing data migration is not my thing.

After a serious thinking and evaluation of offers that I got, I ended up going for a consultant company. That is right, from Match 2020, I am a senior consultant in Bergen. Looking forward to a lot of new opportunities.

Teis Lindemark

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